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About the artist


Lindsey McTavish, a native of Toronto, has found her creative mooring nestled in the picturesque mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Her artistic career has been a tapestry of experiences spanning both formal education and a deep connection to her community. With an academic background that includes a three-year immersion in Fibre Arts at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, B.C, followed by two intensive years in the Fashion Design program at the Academy of Design in Toronto, Lindsey has emerged as a dynamic artist.


Lindsey's fibre artworks draw inspiration from an array of sources, most notably the captivating landscapes of Canada, and the vibrant interplay of colour and texture and of light and shadow that surround her. Through her fibre artworks she paints vivid recreations of what she sees and feels, as she aims to capture the people, places, and events in her life. In her work you'll often find beautiful and peaceful imagery that she enjoys creating as a tool to remember to try to"focus on the good" during these times of chaos and unrest, and it is the intricacies woven into each artwork that serve as a testament to the healing power of creativity.

In addition to her artistic endeavours, Lindsey has made her mark in the world of fashion and design. As the driving force behind her label, Lindsey M Collections, she has masterfully crafted a successful business of offering a unique line of clothing and handbags that reflect her distinctive aesthetic. Her creations showcase her keen eye for detail, passion for craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for the fusion of art and functionality.

Lindsey is not just a solo artist, but also a dedicated collaborator. She is a proud co-owner of the Craft Connection Gallery, a haven for art enthusiasts in Nelson and it's international visitors. This collective, comprising of 6 female artists and designers, thoughtfully curates and exhibits an extraordinary collection of works from more than 200 craftspeople hailing from across Canada. Lindsey's contribution to this gallery underscores her commitment to fostering a thriving creative community, and her work is on exhibit there year round., as well as being featured in many other shows and exhibits throughout the year across North America.


This past year has provided much growth, and many exciting opportunities for Lindsey's career as an artist, and  to make note of a few:

- She was awarded Third place in an international exhibit out of hundreds of international applicants through HMVC Gallery New York, and awarded a solo show.

 -  Was selected from over 1,200 applicants to be included in an exciting exhibit through the Seager Grey Gallery in California called "Woman artists making their mark 2023".  

 -  She Has been chosen to be featured as one of the "55 artists to watch: 2024 Edition" by the Florence contemporary Gallery.

 - Was invited to exhibit  at the Grimandi Gallery in the heart of New York over the holidays as part of  a group show of "Artists uniting for peace".as well as being featured in many other shows and exhibits throughout the year across North America.

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